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Alfa Standard is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company: since its foundation, Alfa Standard has been using its own specialist expertise to develop a comprehensive range of high performance and reliable Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPB) systems and associated Cubicles & Compartments together with other Generation Bus Systems and Sub-Systems. We meet the requirements of all applicable worldwide standards e.g. International (IEC), USA (IEEE/ANSI), and Canadian (CSA) as well as many domestic and regional laws and regulations.
Alfa Standard has progressively grown as one of the leading manufacturers of Bus Duct Systems in the world, as well as a reliable international partner to supply, design, plan, manufacture, quality assure, test, export pack, ship, receive, install, commission and maintain our range of products. Many key clients have used us as “Turnkey Contractor” for IPB supply, installation and commissioning from Generator(s) to GSU Transformer(s).
In our more than 40 years experience, Alfa Standard has supplied equipments to a great many of the leading Contractors, EPCs, Power Authorities & Utility clients around the world. These include Nuclear, Coal, Gas, Hydro and Thermal Power Plants, Automotive Plants, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants, Iron and Steel Industries, Paper and Mill Installations, Power and Desalination Plants, Hospitals, Buildings and Services Facilities.
In 2004, a J.V. was created with Shandong Dachi Electric Co. Ltd. for manufacture of Alfa Standard Isolated Phase Bus in China, thus creating the Shandong Alfa Electric Dachi Co. Ltd (Note: this facility is used mainly for manufacture for projects in that territory, whilst our Italian facility will remain the primary place of manufacture for projects elsewhere).
In 2004, Alfa Standard acquired the Company CGS Instrument Transformers, specializing in the manufacture of MV & LV Current & Voltage Instrument Transformers.

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